To this day Forgotten Honor has not only brought unique and memorable campaigns to the Forgotten Hope 2 community but also has been expanding through events, unique groups and tournaments. We wish to find something for every game and every gamer. In the community there is no such thing as a pecking order based on longevity. It does not matter what your past is, we only care about now and the future. We look for the individuals that want to help Forgotten Honor grow.

Our credo is “for gamers, by gamers”.

Forgotten Honor has grown to be the biggest and most original tournament in the Forgotten Hope community.

In 2004, our founders were playing at another tournament, the tournament was not going where they would have liked it to go. They saw bad maps, bad balance, bad politics and bad leadership on top of it all. In one event, members were banned from that tournament. They immediately had the idea to start their own tournament. They believed in this idea, while many others were laughing.

Action had begun. The name picked by the members was “Forgotten Honor”. After a few weeks. A post on the Forgotten Honor planning forums then said “when is this shit gonna happen.”. This post ignited a fire in them. They decided on a Monday morning to talk, this meeting started the Forgotten Honor Tournament. They talked and talked, but had agreed that talking was not enough, doing was the only way forward.

We are a community made for the players and by the players. We exist for fun, for freedom of speech and the crazy team speak hours and conversations.

Overall we are one big family and every member of the Forgotten Honor has his place in that family. That means we will be there for you, online but also in real life if we must.

Registered Users

Join a global mix of fellow gamers and find new friends who enjoy the same games that you do.
Specialist Game Groups

Specialised groups for games such as Forgotten Hope 2, Project Reality, Wargame: Red Dragon, Star Citizen and many more FPS, RTS and other genres.
Years experience

Forgotten Honor since 2004 has been a leader in creating and managing memorable events and tournaments for our members. Spanning a vast library of games, Forgotten Honor has something for every gamer.

Our Mission

“Teamwork Meets Gaming”

Our goal is to create memorable and historic tournaments, events, unique groups and realistic campaigns. With fresh and exiting concepts that allow everyone to experience real teamwork and organization, while bringing everyone together no matter what game you play to feel a part of our community.

The fact that we enable anyone willing to invest the time a chance to create a group or clan of there own, or even a tournament with support where needed. There is not many places out there that someone can join on the Monday and have a chance to run there own clan / group / tournament in the same week.

Our Principles

We exist for fun and for freedom of speech

Do not take this for granted, do not disrespect each other in our forums. Absolutely no religious or racist posts, no flaming, no insulting or disrespecting others. We are here for fun and organization don’t loose sight of that.

Respect your fellow community members

F|H is a large community with a whole host of different types of people and players all we can ask is that you act maturely and respect each other. We are here to play games, competitively or casual we make it work.

Representing the community

As a member of the Forgotten Honor gaming community you must always fight your battles fairly, bring forward your skill in game not your quick mouth and bad attitude. Do NOT bring a bad name to F|H.
Why Game With Us

Custom Campaigns And Matches
Custom campaigns and matches for games such as Forgotten Hope 2, Planetside, Project Reality and many more games. Experience multiplayer combat on 100+ player servers.

Meet With Gamers From Around The World
Meet with like-minded gamers from across the globe and play in large scale battles using Teamspeak to support VOIP chat and tactics.

Community Creation
Ever wanted to start your own gaming group, clan, guild, tournament or campaign? Is your favorite game not being represented here at F|H? Rally around your idea and we will support it.


We are a non-profit organization completely supported by you, the members. Many organizations have web sites, servers and Internet bandwidth donated by it’s members. We pride ourselves on being run and owned as a community.