The following are the members of the Forgotten Honor Hall of Fame. These members were the heart and soul of the community while they were here. They are the reason we are strong and still growing. Membership on this list is the highest honor we can give you at Forgotten Honor. Membership is gained from three members’ nominations including detailed reasons. Then the Founders will review the application and decide if the individual merits membership on the Forgotten Honor Hall of Fame.


“As an original Founder, he deserves first mention on this list. He was the web master for the tournament between 2004 and 2007. He has since retired, but is available when there is an emergency. He designed the website and the tournament interface. It was his idea to first form Forgotten Honor”

“He was an original Founder and Funder for the Tournament between 2004 and 2006. He has retired, but you can find him lurking in the dark corners of the forums”

“As an original Founder, dutch has been the motor behind the Tournament. His commitment has kept the community growing and his vision has guided the Tournament along. The Tournament would not be where it is today without dutch”
Fatso Judson

“He was one of the first members of the tournament. His ideas for the tournament are still being used today in Forgotten Honor. He was active from 2004 – 2006”

“He originated the professional mapping team that elevated Forgotten Honor to the next level. Chopper was active in two separate shifts from 2005 – 2008”

“In his time he was the primary graphic person. He is a true artist and brought his unique skills to the tournament. He was active from 2004 – 2008. He is taking courses at the gaming school in Berlin. We will see him back afterwards”

“The mastermind in the Tournament, that is why he today is considered a Founder from F|H, his status is untouchable and this tournament simply would not be today what it is without him, he is leading this tournament since 2004 till today”

“As one of the best mappers in the Forgotten Hope community, he brought a new level of map design to Forgotten Honor. He was the mapper for the FHT mini mod. He is now a member of the F|H2 mapping team, which is designing an entirely new campaign for FH2. He is also an official developer for Forgotten Hope 2 as a mapper. He has been a member of F|H since 2005 and is considered one of the main F|H leaders”

“For awesome dedication to the FH1 tournament, and helping out everywhere else that he can. Just an overall awesome guy does alot of work for Forgotten Honor, besides his devotion to the FH1 Tournament. He is a Renaissance man who helps out with coding, planning, leading, website maintenance among other skills”

“As one of the first Polish players in Forgotten Honor, he has helped F|H to take hold in that community. He has lead in various capacities and now is the overall leader of the FH2 tournament. An amazing guy and a true F|H member, he has been a part since 2006”

“He has given his great talent to Forgotten Honor with graphics, idea’s and overall leadership. He has been of great value to the tournament in the past and will for a long time to come. His ideas and vision for FHT will help us grow more and more”

“He has been the active force behind the Oceania tournament, driving it forward through good times and bad. He has been there since the start and does a hell of a job. He is always dependable, besides being a great guy. Oceania would not have survived without fatMusso”

“He was a member since the beginning. He has mapped and lead for Forgotten Honor. One of the best members we have and an awesome guy. He has been giving his efforts since 2004”

“He was here for two brief tours. But in the time he was here his administrative work was first rate. He did a massive amount of work for F|H at a crucial time. He was active in 2 sessions, the first between 2004-2005 and the second from 2007-2008”
Herr Kreiss

“He has been one of the major motors behind the community. He always is loyal, taking leadership spots and doing what he can for Forgotten Honor. He has been the main link between the Brazilian members and the community. He means much to this community and he is one of the most respected members. His handsomeness has been here since 2004”

“Sorken is a man who wears many hats. He helps out with mapping, graphics, leading, planning, and is always in a good mood. He is simply an awesome guy that means a lot to this community. Sorken is one of the that do a ton to keep this awesome place alive”

“Bhodili7 is always forging new frontiers. He has been organizing tournaments for several new games as well as FH2. His contributions to the community are countless, from leading an efficient testing team to participating in officer positions, media team and mapping team”

“Taz18, a man of few cold words in forums but great talker in TS, is today what mapping team is producing. Since campaign 1 for FH2, he has become one of the most respected officers in this community taking charge and responsibility of each leadership position. One of our earliest FH2 mappers, following the steps of our very respected member Herman, he managed to lead a mapping team that has been producing outstanding work for several FH2 campaigns”

“TASS is a smart guy but with strong character who you wouldn’t like to enter in an endless discussion with him. However since the first day he joined, he quickly managed to make a name among the staff of Forgotten Honor. From taking charge of a combat unit in the first days he joined to becoming a key asset in the management of this community has been a long career of hard dedication. He invested his time as officer, moddeler, coder, admin, manager, server administrator, but most important as great advisor when it comes to taking important decisions”

“IcratoX is what Forgotten Honor represents today in its best form. He is a visionary with guts to take always the step forward and setting new frontiers. Moreover, his strong motivation and capacity to learn make him one of the most valuable admins running this community. IcratoX, apart from designing tons of good looking graphics, he created a solid events team and stared totally new ventures such as Bad Company or Red Orchestra, among many other projects”

“Forgotten Honor in heart and spirit. RanDOOm has been always available to help without ever dropping his motivation. Has served as admin in several groups, given sharp -and often aggressive!- feedback when asked and has been the frontline in keeping forums, posts and brand image at its shiniest”

“Works on the shadows without ever asking for recognition, attention or applauses. Heinz has added value to the administration without ever being ‘retired for inactivity’ for many years. He invested his time in restrutcturing the scoreboards, scaling the F|H Minecraft server or helping the administration in games like Forgotten Hope”

“Has been the voice of Forgotten Honor as community manager. Although he will be the youngest staff member we ever had, he managed to learn the skills of a qualified and pioneering community manager. Never failed with his task, giving a significant increase in traffic, created new communication bridges with our users and been the living brand outside of site”

“He has been our server administrator for a long time. He distinguished himself by his dedication and skill as well as his speed in terms of fixing things in time whenever it was needed. Unfortunately, he had to retire in September 2013 for private reasons”

“For all his work in the FH2 branch, being the great spirit and motor behind the most successful branch in F|H, without him it would look allot different and might even not exists anymore, Papillon is an example to what it means to be a branch manager and he should have been added a year ago already. His drive to make each FH2 campaign the best there is , is rubbing off onto the other members”

“For all his work in the PlanetSide II branch, he managed to create a great community inside the F|H community and has made it a succes from the beginning. Mathew is one of the guys that keeps F|H going and is already looking to expand to the follow up games out in Space.
Not only his work at PlanetSide is noticeble , no he is also a wizard with Photoshop , most of the logo’s come from his hand”

“Lister is a person that lives the day with F|H and even dreams about it in his sleep. He started F|H by just playing the games and worked himself up . He succesfully launched the ArmA Branch.
His dedication made him a logical successor for Thorshammer as “Leader” of F|H. He did not want to be named as leader of F|H , no his believes were : F|H is for Gamers by Gamers . That is why , when he stepped down , created the Committee group”

“Stronkie’s words “I’ve been administrating PR servers since you were still watching sesame street” Our trusted server administrator who is always reliable and hard working for the community to solve it’s problems. He’s the guy working behind the scenes through lines of code and countless pages of administration & server documents keeping the community running. You may never see him but he see’s you!