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View the latest post Forgottenhonor Needs You !!!

Forgottenhonor Needs You !!

Greetings community members,

The Administration at Forgotten Honor is planning a Battlefield 1 campaign. We are looking for officers for both sides. Now with the new options [...]

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View the latest post Minecraft PVP Server-Open 7/21


Welcome to the Forgotten Honor Minecraft Community! Unlike the vast majority of servers, the F|H community is largely made up of mature (college aged) players, and thus provides an atypical Minecraft experience. Rather than focusing on building, we have merged the concepts of balanced PvP through enchantment/potion bans and Roleplaying mechanics, to create an almost strategy game experience. Utilizing many plugins and our own custom made scripts, players on Forgotten Honor may forge their own empire and vie for power through conquest or politics, or even play as a mercenary or bandit that kills for money. To get started feel free to read through the helpful information below or register for the Minecraft section of our website!

To get started, please read the Server Player Guides or play through our in-game tutorial, as they include ways to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls for new players. Once you are ready, you may log into the server with the details below. Also don't forget to take a quick look at our Dynmap to plan your first move.

Server Information

Server IP: minecraft.forgottenhonor.com
TeamSpeak IP : ts1.forgottenhonor.com (join Ts by Clicking here.)
Server Launch Date: 7/21/2017, 1800 CET, 12 Noon US EST
Login Version: 1.11 or later.
Dynmap Address: http://dyn_map.forgottenhonor.com:8123/#

Server Rules

Do not cheat or abuse glitches. Minimaps may be utilized, however they must have both cave maps and radars disabled. Failure to do so will be considered as x-ray.
Do not multi-account/play on the server with more than one account, or share your account with others.
Do not combat log. Logging out in situations where combat is about to start, or at great risk of starting, is also prohibited. Logging out in enemy claims is also prohibited. Claiming during combat is also prohibited.
Staff will adapt the rules at their discretion should they see the need, and will take action to maintain the spirit of the server should it be needed.
Plugin specific rules/mechanics

About Forgotten Honor

Forgotten Honor is an international gaming community that has a great amount of experience in arranging online events for games. Founded in 2004 by several players who wanted to organize ''teamwork'' emphasized battles for video games, Forgotten Honor has been growing until becoming one of the leaders in online events market. Nowadays hosts several tournaments and campaigns for different games, organizes multiple events, has its own modding development unit and is supported by an active community.

Sign Up:



In the next week or so , we will enable the whitelist feature on our MineCraft Server. That means you cannot acces the server unless you are "Approved" .

How do you get approved?

  • Register yourself on this forum.
  • Goto the Game Menu (White menu bar ontop of the forum) or click here.
  • Select the Minecraft group and join the group
  • "Introduce Yourself" to get whitelisted here.
  • Once you see the "~Whitelisted : Stronkie" you are in.

Also you have to understand , that we as Forgottenhonor , are hosting the server now. Many of you already know the PvP Server setup from before. That server was hosted by another community. Many of you just logged inthe Server and started playing. We would like you all to be on our TeamSpeak Server , when you are online on the Server. It is ok if you do not want to use it. Just be AFK or mute yourself there. For us , at FH , it is very important that we see activity on our Assets.. That means Forum , Teamspeak , Discord , Facebook etc.

So many thanks in advance to help us out too.

~Have fun.

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  • Step One:
    Click Here to register on the forums.
    Login to the forums.

    Step Two:
    If you wish to to join a Campaign or are searching for a Clan / Guild within Forgotten Honor in your profile here.
    Submit to the team you wish to join, once you are accepted you will then see the corresponding forums.

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