SQUAD Server Rules

All info on our deployment to the Game Squad.
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SQUAD Server Rules

Postby Mathew90 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:14 pm

Server Rules:

[F|H] main language in English.*

1 ) Nonsense all chatting, moaning, grieving will be punished by kick.
2 ) No deliberate / forced TKing.
3 ) Name your Squad after its ROLE / ASSET e.g. INF / APC / TRANS. see below in the section Assets
5 ) Do not rush enemy's first uncapped flag, only attack flags indicated by AAS marker.
6 ) This is not a training server, DON'T WASTE ASSETS.
9 ) Join a squad.
11 ) Don't solo / abandon Vehicles.
12 ) Cooperate and communicate with other squads.
13 ) Listen to your SL.
14 ) Play fair, play for fun, play as a team.
15) Commander and Squad Leader must understand and speak English.
17) Being part of [F|H] does not mean that you don't have to follow rules.
18 ) Do not abuse glitches and/or use cheats.
19) All players must have working microphone.
22) Do not insult other players.
23) No intentional road killing allowed.

Assets and assets claiming

Claimable assets must be manned with competent personnel before leaving main base.
Do not create duplicated squads, unless allowed by original squad.
Do not steal vehicles.

Main Base

Do not attack enemy's Main Base, unless stated otherwise by AAS attack indicator.
Do not shoot in Main Base
Do not shoot into or out off the Main Base.
You are only allowed to return fire into enemy's Main Base.
Do not engage aircraft's that are taking off or landing in Main Base.

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