First man on the moon: hands-on with Star Citizen Alpha 3.0

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First man on the moon: hands-on with Star Citizen Alpha 3.0

Postby Stronkie » Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:10 pm

Star Citizen fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Alpha 3.0, currently scheduled for a release in late August. To whet your appetite even more than it is presumably already whetted, take a look at a cinematic sizzle reel of Star Citizen footage above, which shows many of the new features due to arrive in 3.0, like moon landings, planetary rovers and outposts, and the Nox hover speeder.

I'm also pretty stoked to say I got to play a build of 3.0 during a visit to Cloud Imperium Games' Los Angeles studio a couple of weeks ago, and got to check out some of its new features. Yep, I landed a ship on the moon of Daymar—and according to Chris Roberts, I'm the first person outside of CIG to have done so. After touchdown, I got out of my ship, walked around on the surface of the moon, completed a mission, and even flew a Nox speeder bike around for a bit.

All of this was pretty darn cool to do. Since my landings in Star Citizen to date (most of them crashes) have taken place only on space stations, actually landing on a moon felt pretty monumental, like I'm a genuine (virtual) astronaut now, even though I forgot to make a stirring statement and wasn't able to plant a flag (frankly, I was just relieved to have not crashed my ship, especially with a bunch of expert pilots from CIG watching me). As promised, it was a seamless transition: taking off from the space station, flying into space, making a quantum jump to the Daymar, entering the atmosphere, and landing.

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