A New Year Brings New Opportunites

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A New Year Brings New Opportunites

Postby Lister471 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:36 pm

Have you ever wanted to get more involved with Forgotten Honor but were unsure what you could do? One key problem was the lack of a well-organised admin structure, and this is something that has now changed.

Free time is key to everything, and we have roles that will enable everyone to get involved and be a part of driving this wonderful community forward.

Below is a list of current openings if you are interested or want more information on any of them please just contact me via pm or come find me on teamspeak, no experience is required just some free time and that can be anything from 10 mins a day to 10 hours.

Assistant Manager:
Working closely with myself, this is the one role that does require the person to be very active, i do a lot of my work on teamspeak, and has my right hand your going to need to be there. I would say at least be on between 7 and 9 UTC.

Server Managers
One plan this year is to start running some public servers, with that we need people to manage them, everything from basic admin duties to advertising the server ect.

Server Admin
People like servers with active admins, and in this role that is what you are, you will play the game and keep and eye of everything.

Social Media Team Leader
To manage all social media outlets of Forgotten Honor, ensuring that all are kept active and current and generating interest. Posting not only FH new but going and getting new from other sources also.

Social Media Team Member:
Helping the team leader, scouting the internet for news about new games old games, then posting the info in the forum to be used in social media.

Web Master:
Maintain the website, updating the forum engine, updating plugin's, developing the website for the future,

Assistant Web Master:
Assisting the Web Master.

Dev Team Leader:
Working with myself and the Senior Server Manager you will be opening new groups and campaign for every game that we can. Yourself and your team will then run the group or campaign until you can find a new manager for it.

Dev team Members:
Helping with looking for new games, setting up new groups. Helping the Dev Team Leader.

Again if you are interested in any of the above just drop me a PM, Branch and group Management will be a separate thing so please only apply if you are neither a branch manager or admin.

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Re: A New Year Brings New Opportunites

Postby BornDarkness » Sun May 21, 2017 1:26 am

good idea.


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