Age of Empire II: Chronology of Official missions and campaigns

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Age of Empire II: Chronology of Official missions and campaigns

Postby buddydog » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:56 pm

I have developed a chronological list for Age of Empires II campaigns and single missions for historical interest. Single missions are marked as "SM". Not all campaigns are included because I have yet to complete them.

Note: Age of Empires II is a historical RTS portraying the Middle Ages.

1. Goths (401-410): Perspective of VIsogoths under Alaric I. Campaigns against the Western Roman Empire.

2. Huns (434-452): Perspective of the Hunnic Empire under Atilla the Hun. Campaigns against the Persian Sassanids, and both Roman Empires.

3. Bukhara SM (557): Perspective of Sassanid Persians. Portrays the battle between the Sassanids and Goturks vs. the White Huns.

4. Dos Pilas SM (629-705): Perspective of Mayans. Portrays the conflict between Tikul vs. Calakmul

5. Berbers (711-732): Perspective of Umayyad Caliphate troops under Berber leaders. Portrays the Moorish-Berber invasions of Hispania and Gaul.

6. Tours SM (732): Perspective of Franks under Charles Martel. Portrays the Frankish victory of the Berber invasion of Gaul.

7. York SM (865): Perspective of the Viking Great Heathen Army. Portrays the first Viking invasion of Britain.

7. Byzantines (871-1071): Perspective of Byzantine Empire. Portrays the battles for the control of Bari, Italy.

8. Honfoglalás SM (900): Perspective of Maghars. Portrays the origins of the Kingdom of Hungary.

9. Ethiopia (900's): Respective of Ethiopian rebels under Yodit.

10. Langshan Jiang SM (919): In Perspective of Chinese. Portrays the said battle of the scenario.

11. Vinlandsaga SM (1000): Perspective of the Vikings under Eric the Red. Portrays the attempted Viking colonization of the New World.

12. Khmer (1002-1072): Perspective of the Khmer Empire under Survayarman I. Portrays his dynastic conflicts.

13. Hastings SM (1066): Perspective of Norman Franks under WIlliam the Conqueror. Portrays Norman conquest of England.

14. Manikert SM (1071): Perspective of Seljuk Turks. Portrays Turkish victory over the Byzantine Empire.

15. Spanish (1072-1099): Perspective of Spanish under El Cid. Portays EL Cid's campaigns.

16. Teutons (1152-1190): Perspective of Germans under Barborossa. Portrays his campaigns as Holy Roman Emperor and the Third Crusade.

17. Saracens (1163-1192): Persective of Saladin. Portrays the events before and during the Third Crusade.

18. Indians (1178-1192): Perspective of Delhi Indians under Prithviraj Chauhan. Portrays factional battles in India and war with the Muslims.

19. Kurikara SM (1183): Perspective of Japanese under Minamoto no Yoshinaka. Part of the Genpei War.

20. Cyprus SM (1190-1191): Perspective of English under RIchard the Lionheart. Richard's journey to the Third Crusade.

21. Mongols (1197-1241): Perspective of Mongols. Portrays Mongol unification and conquests.

22. Mali (1217-1235): Perspective of the West African Mali. Portrays war with the Sosso and the rise of the Mali Empire.

23. Malay (1293-1357): Rise of the Majaphit Empire in Indonesia

24. Celts (1297-1298): Perspective of Scots under William Wallace. Scottish War for Independence.

25. Baphaeus SM (1302): Perspective of Ottoman Turks under Osman. Portrays the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

26. Agincourt SM (1415) Perspective of the English during the Hundred Year's Wars.

27. Vietnamese (1418-1427): Perspective of Dai Viet under Le Loi in the Lam Son Uprising against the Chinese Ming Dynasty.

28. Italians (1424-1450): Perspective of Sforza of MIlan and his campaigns as an Italian mercenary.

29. Franks (1428-1453): Perspective of the Franks during the Hundred Years War. Portrays the Lancastrian War during the Hundred Year's Wars.

30. Slavs (1448-1476): Perspective of Romanian Slavs under Vlad Dracula. Portrays Dracula's battles against the Hungarians and Ottomans.

31. Portuguese (1476-1509): Perspective of Portuguese conquistadors. Portrays wars with Aragon, Barbary Pirates, African kingdoms, and in India.

32. Aztecs (1517-1521): Portrays the Spanish conquest of Mexico, from the Aztec perspective.

33. Burmese (1534-1581): Portrays the Second Burmese Empire under Bayinnaung.

34. Inca/Spanish (1540-1541): Quest for the El Dorado.

35. Lepanto SM (1571): Spanish perspective of naval battle between Holy Roman Empire and Ottomans.

36. Kyoto SM (1582): Japanese perspective during civil war period.

37. Noryang Point SMt (1598): Korean perspective of attempted Japanese invasion of Korea.

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